Stress Less!

2020 has been a really stressful year for everyone. We are in a pandemic that is causing much more stress than we are used to. And we’d like to help you stress less!

According to Matthew Clark at the Mayo Clinic extra items laying around can cause more stress, can make you focus less, and reduce fun (for more info click here).

Having a cluttered house can mean more cleaning, making more choices about what to do, and feeling overwhelmed. So if you’d like to stress less – consider now a good time to clean it out!

If this makes you want to get rid of unused/unwanted items, clean out that garage, or get rid dirt/rock* from redoing your yard – call Art at (480) 290-2301 to get a quote and book that appointment today. 

Don’t forget about the discount we have through January (seen here!).

Happy Holidays!

*Special pricing may apply

New Year Discount

It’s the time of year where we have big family dinners, see our family and friends, decorate the house and get gifts… but it can also be great for cleaning out the old to bring in the new. With that in mind, keep reading for a New Year discount!

We know that 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for a lot of people. And that maybe the holidays look a bit different than past years, but we believe that we all have to keep moving forward.

We’d like to help by providing a New Year Discount of 15% off through January – just mention this post.

Too much clutter can also affect mental health and personal safety. So help keep your family safe and get in a good headspace for the new year! Give Art a call at (480) 290-2301 to schedule an appointment.

You can also find us on Facebook!

Happy Holidays!

Season of Giving

Hey there! As this is the season of giving we’d like to share how our company gives back.

Every time we pick up a load to haul away we don’t go straight to the dump. Instead, we take the time to go through it so that we can help the environment and our community.

Step one in going through a load is looking for anything that can still be used. We often donate these usable items to Goodwill so they can resell them to those that need them, but can’t afford new items right now.

Another place we often donate is Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. We believe that helping our youth is an important part of life and they have a great mission.

Step two is to go through the trash to properly dispose of recyclables before taking what remains to the dump.

All of this is free of charge with our services.

Happy Holidays!

Spring Cleaning & Demolition

Did you know that doing some spring cleaning can improve your focus and your mood? We know that we will be doing a bit of organizing and cleaning soon. And we are sure many of you want to do some spring cleaning and demolition in the coming weeks.

Let us help you!

All Around Junk is thrilled to help take a bit of the weight off your shoulders and help you with any projects you have. No matter what your doing this spring we want to help you succeed.

We can help do demolition or clean out homes, offices, even your alley!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call so we can work together!

You can call Art at (480) 290-2301 or Abel at (480) 482-8405 for a quote or any other information. You can also reach us on Facebook or Schedule online!

Green background with leaves and sunlight that says spring has sprung

Time to Get Organized!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and we wish you a Happy New Year! We know that this is a time for resolutions and what better one than to get organized?

We’ve all got a shed, garage, backyard or closet that need some reorganizing. And getting organized means that you’ll probably have some items that need to be gotten rid of. So why don’t you let our family-run business help you out with getting rid of those items?

Our family is ready and willing to help you tackle any clean-up, demolition or item removal that you may need to help you get this year off to a great start. Our company is licensed and insured so rest assured you will be in good hands. Call or Text Art at (480) 290-2301 for pricing or any questions you may have!

Family Business

Hello to all our current and future clients! Did you know that All Around Junk Hauling and Demolition is a family business? We are a father and son team that enjoy what we do and deliver above and beyond for our clients.

Summer is coming to an end and we know that you will be getting ready for the holiday season that is coming. Don’t forget that we are more than happy to help you haul away that clutter you clear out before family visits!

We’ve had a good September so far and we hope that you have too! We are meeting new customers every day and really enjoying it.

As always if you would like to get a quote or ask any questions please feel free to contact Art at 480-290-2301 to get a quote or schedule right here on our site. Our family business is at your service!

Summer Projects

All Around Junk Removal is here for all your Summer Projects. So, let us help you get rid of that tile from redoing floors or patios and remove unneeded lawn furniture. Or we can help take down and remove any other yard projects that you need a hand with.

All Around Junk Hauling 480-290-2301 Landscaping removal

We are also equipped to assist you with getting rid of any old landscaping that you no longer need. For a full list of what we remove see our home page and remember that there is some special pricing for brick, tile and dirt.

And as always if you have any questions feel free to call Art at 480-290-2301. He is happy to answer any questions, give quotes or schedule an appointment. Alternatively you can schedule online here!

Above all we hope that you and your families enjoy this summer and if we can be of any assistance in completing Summer Projects that will make it better let us know!

Demolition for Days

Here at All Around Junk we do a lot more than just haul away the items you don’t need anymore. We sort through those items and recycle what we can. This includes giving still usable items to those who need them and then taking recyclables out before taking the rest to the dump. Plus, we do demolition jobs!

We will come and tear down whatever you need out of the way and leave you a clean space to work with. Let us be the ones to be outside in the hot sun doing demolition instead of you this summer.

So whether it is a wall, an old BBQ station, or whatever else you need taken down and removed let us know and we’ll be happy to come out and help. You can always text or call Art at 480-290-2301 to get a quote or schedule right here on our site.

Spring into Summer!

As we spring into summer we’d like to say we’re still going strong thanks to our amazing team and wonderful customers. May has been a good month for us so far and we anticipate that it will get even better before it ends.

As we continue to grow as a company and expand the services we offer we will keep you updated with new services that we offer here on our blog. This month we’d like to let you know that in addition to our current services we now do pavers, backyard barbeques, and small cement pads for our customers.

We hope that you are enjoying the warmer weather and that you’ll think of us as you spring into summer and tidy up your homes. We’d love to be the company you use to haul away what you don’t need anymore.

Reach out to Art at (480) 290-2301 to get a quote or set an appointment today!

Spring into Summer with All Around Junk Hauling and Demolition trailer image

Spring Cleaning

We’ve had some nice, warm days and it’s only February!

This weather is great for hanging out in the yard and playing with your dog. But after staying inside all winter there may be some extra vegetation in that yard. And you can have us come remove that brush for you!

But it’s also perfect weather for all kinds of spring cleaning. Perhaps you have some small or medium demolition you’ve been meaning to get done? We can do that and haul away the mess! Not to mention, we can take away any clutter you’re clearing out of your house.

Don’t put off doing your Spring Cleaning until it’s too hot here in Arizona. Also, remember that we don’t just take everything to the dump – we recycle and donate usable items.

So, for all your hauling and removal needs schedule an appointment online or you can contact Art at (480)290-2301 to get a quote today!

Holiday Schedule

All Around Junk is here for all your hauling needs this season and we want you to know our holiday schedule so that you can plan ahead.

We know this is often a time when people do out with the old and in with the new, so if you need some help hauling it away – call us!

Let us help with cleaning out storage units or garages, hauling dirt or tile*, and much more.

We try to accommodate everyone, but we also want to spend some time with family. So, the following dates we will not be doing any hauling:

-December 25th

-December 30th – January 4th

This holiday schedule only affects hauling. You may still call to make appointments those days or schedule / contact us via our site!

Feel free to call Art at (480) 290-2301 with any questions or to schedule ASAP!

Happy Holidays!

*Special pricing may apply