Spring Cleaning

We’ve had some nice, warm days and it’s only February!

This weather is great for hanging out in the yard and playing with your dog. But after staying inside all winter there may be some extra vegetation in that yard. And you can have us come remove that brush for you!

But it’s also perfect weather for all kinds of spring cleaning. Perhaps you have some small or medium demolition you’ve been meaning to get done? We can do that and haul away the mess! Not to mention, we can take away any clutter you’re clearing out of your house.

Don’t put off doing your Spring Cleaning until it’s too hot here in Arizona. Also, remember that we don’t just take everything to the dump – we recycle and donate usable items.

So, for all your hauling and removal needs schedule an appointment online or you can contact Art at (480)290-2301 to get a quote today!

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